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The Pfalzgraf Konditorei works with CSB-System modules throughout the whole manufacturing process in order to ensure traceability, product quality and production optimising.
A spin-off of the Café Brünz, founded in 1964, the Pfalzgraf Konditorei is today a leading company on the German depp frozen cakes and flans market. Some 250 staff produce 30,000 flans and cakes every day in a two shift operation in the single site, Pfalzgrafenweiler in the Black Forest. These are sold via specialist wholesalers. A third shift during the night takes care of hygiene in the whole company. With the expansion of this company, which started in 1988, obviously requirements increased in the Pfalzgraf Konditorei departmens. And so it was only a question of time until the IT system had to be modified to cope with the new constantly growing structures. As a result of a recommendation, Managing director Dirk Brünz opted for the CSB-System software, firstly for the ordering and invoicing departmens. Today, more than twenty years later, the industry software is also used in many other departments. The whole goods management complex with its different departments that are mapped in different modules, is served by the CSB-System.

The production schedule for the next working week is established one week in advance. Time enough for ordering the required raw materials from suppliers which are mainly based in the region. The required quantities are calculated from the recipe and the number of products to be manufactured and can be sent directly to the suppliers by the system. The prepared information can also be called up by the staff in the incoming goods department. These staff access this information when the goods are received. Apart from the amount supplied and the supplier, further information is already stored in the system that must definitely be recorded when entering the goods into the system. This includes, amongst other things, the shelf life or the temperature. Ideally, the supplier has already put an EAN 128 code on his products. This can be scanned by a mobile data recording unit thus eliminating the time-consuming recording of information via the keyboard.


Customer Quote Pfalzgraf:
„We also always have the option of approaching the CSB developers with our own ideas and suggestions in order to programme specific solutions that are tailored to our company.“
Andreas Ziegler, IT manager
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