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“Industry 4.0” is one of the key topics in the future of the food industry. Medium-size businesses in particular would be well advised to investigate early on the capabilities of the Smart Food Factory. Already today, the profitability of digitally integrating machines, systems and business partners is evident, for instance at the new logistics center of GoodMills Österreich, Austria.

Austria’s largest group of mills processes 200,000 tons of grain every year, producing high-quality flours and meals as well as organic products. Production and shipment of such volumes call for efficient and flexible logistics. In 2015, an ultra-modern logistics center has replaced the formerly three warehouses. In every aspect, the brand-new building in Schwechat near Vienna, which was planned together with numerous partners, has become a state-of-the-art facility. 

For its information technology, GoodMills Österreich chose the industry-specific software by CSB-System AG: “With the CSB-System, we can replicate enterprise resource planning, all logistical processes and service areas as well as accounting with only one software system. We do not have any stand-alone solutions, and all employees work with the same system. By now the integration has reached a degree so we can even control our machines and equipment with the software.”

A glance into the logistics center quickly reveals that the concept for comprehensive integration of production, logistics and business partners has worked out. Once the different types of flours have been filled into packages or sacks, conveyors move them on to the next stages of processing. Every single packaging unit is labeled, scanned and thus entered in the information system without requiring manual intervention of the staff. On goes the conveyor, forwarding the units a short distance to the automatic palletizer, which stacks them on pallets according to a defined pattern. At the end, the pallets are wrapped, marked with pallet labels and moved to the warehouse via roller tracks – and all of this happens in a fully automated manner.

Customer Quote GoodMills Austria:
“Today, we are a much more flexible and can respond to customer inquiries better than before. Our aim is now to bring out all the advantages the software offers us. For example, we want to fine-tune our production planning and optimize other areas by using the CSB-System.”
Gregor Trieb, Managing Director
Success Story

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