Quality from the start

Crisp and healthy: salad and vegetables are integral parts of any healthy diet. Producers need a lot of experience and end-to-end quality management to deliver such delicate products to consumers as fresh as possible. The Switzerland-based eisberg group relies on CSB-System’s software solution for meticulous monitoring of its products – from growing crops to packaging items.

Already on the fields of their about 100 suppliers located all over Europe, eisberg employees make initial checks. Equipped with laptop computers, they use a web-based CSB application for directly entering on site raw material data in terms of quality and quantity. Via the internet, they log on to the system so they can easily access overviews of vendors, orders and products. Here, delivery note numbers as well as master data are specified. The controllers check the weight, the length of the stump, the temperature and other defined parameters and store the data in the system. The results are immediately available at the production facilities: “We already know the quality of the raw materials before they arrive at our production facilities in Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and Romania. This allows for more efficient production planning but also for better assessment of our vendors,” says Peter Ettrich, head of IT. Once the raw materials have arrived at the production facility, they are checked again with the aid of the software. In Receiving, IT stations with touch screens have been installed to enable online data capture with direct transfer to the ERP system. The screens display typical images of the raw materials so it is easier for the workers to assess their quality correctly. Vendor certification, too, is entered in Receiving and is thus available for evaluations. With benchmark analyses between field entry and goods receiving entry, any changes of the goods on their way to eisberg can be identified – and, in turn, inferences can be made about the transport conditions. Overall, every item must pass 15 tests before it is approved for further processing. If the goods passed the tests, the software creates a pallet label with all relevant details and the lot number, which is associated to the raw materials throughout the production process. Whenever deviations from the specified target values are detected, the CSB-System automatically generates proposals for complaints and writes back the goods in the procurement order. Consistent quality orientation made eisberg one of Europe’s leading producers of convenience salads. At McDonald´s, Aldi, Tesco and other major customers, eisberg items have been part of the product range for many years now.

Success Story

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