More efficiency and flexibility with CSB-Apps

Access your business data at any time

Mobility is trend and smartphones and tablet computers have become an integral part of our everyday life. By now, around one million apps can be downloaded on all major platforms. Furthermore, mobile applications are also gaining importance in the business world, e.g. as extension of business applications. Mobile end devices are not only used more frequently at work, they will also change the way we work and communicate.

As your reliable IT partner, we have already come up with an extensive portfolio of mobile applications which ensure productive and fast processes in your company. With mobile software solutions by CSB-System, you continue your work seamlessly while on the move and make operational decisions everywhere and at any time -on the train, at the airport or when you are with a customer. This creates a high degree of flexibility, as you can access all important up-to-date business data-at any time.

Unlimited evaluations

With the new application CSB-Mobile-Controlling, you get all evaluations of the CSB-System on your smartphone or tablet computer.

The CSB-System can prepare all data of all evaluation programs automatically. The evaluations are transferred to your mobile device via a web service, which is made available by the CSB data centre or installed directly on site. That way, you can access all relevant up-to-date data and evaluations-at any time.
CSB-Mobile-Controlling is installed user-specifically and its operation is easy and intuitive. Drill down through your evaluation data and decide flexibly on how it should be displayed. Whether you choose to display it in a table or a chart- it gives you a quick overview of all important business data so you can make sound decisions even while you are on the move.

Your benefits

  • Mobile control of business-critical operating figures
  • Fast reaction to business processes
  • Time savings in data processing
  • Reduction of process costs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • User-specific evaluations
  • Improved communication